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Jay Whittington

Jay restarted his Endurance Adventures due to a Facebook challenge/dare to do a Mini Sprint Triathlon in which he took a First Place Age group award.  Since that time he has decided he needs a rematch with the 26.2 Distance and is curently working toward that goal.  

Favorite Race: Rocking my Mini Tri

Upcoming Events: Skidaway Island 13.1 

You can’t complete what you don’t put in motion. Dreams and desires without action are wasted thoughts

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Kat Whitaker

Kat is a long time runner with thousands of miles under her feet and plans to cover many many more.  

Favorite Race: Gate River Run 15K (road) Yeti Snakebite (Ultra)

Upcoming Events: Lake Martin 100 Mile Ultra

I had an IPA and my brain is mushy
— Kat Whitaker

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Bruce bryne

Bruce has been running half marathons since 2013 and expanded to triathlons in 2015.  He now has his eyes set on conqureing Ironman.

Favorite Race: Guam international triathlon

Upcoming Events: Ironman Augusta 70.3

The only one who can tell you, you can’t is you...but you never have to listen!


Brian Zembower

Brian is a long time endurance athlete having spent all his high school and college years competing at a high level.  The Air Force placed him in Middle GA where he found a renewed passion for Ultra Running.  Most recently he placed 2nd in his first 100 miler finishing in 17 Hours and 10 Minutes.   You can find his race report here

Brian is an athlete ambassador for Swiftwick Socks, Zeal Optics, and Mountain Standard

Favorite Race: Any Trail 50K

Upcoming Events: Yeti 7/11Georgia Death Race

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Greg Mills

Greg started running in 2009 to get into better shape for his Air Force PT test.  After many miles and lots of hard work he qualified and Ran the Boston Marathon in 2017.  He also completed his first full Ironman 140.6 Triathlon in 2017.  His favorite road racing distance is the Half Marathon distance and he has done a ton of them.  You can find his Grand Canyon and Boston write ups here.

Favorite Race: Space Coast Marathon (Road), Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (non-road Epic Run)

Upcoming Events: Michelob Ultra Challenge

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