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2018 MAS Holiday Step Challenge

Our reasoning for challenging ourselves, as well as all the other members of MAS to a Step Challenge was the standard “Let’s not let ourselves go over the Holiday Season” stance.

We used the Garmin Connect app and encouraged all of our fellow MAS runners to join in and make an effort to get in ALL THE STEPS.  From Black Friday to Christmas Eve Eve (Garmin only allowed a maximum of a 30 days challenge) we set out to make an extra effort in movement.

From day one, Josh and myself were on a mission.  To destroy one another in this Step Challenge! Not only that, but we really did have fun watching other small rivalries form, watching people get more steps in than they imagined they would, and people getting creative to make more movement happen.

Below we will share a few of the things we learned during the 2018 MAS Holiday Step Challenge:

  • You can match activity for activity, it’s a matter of who goes to bed first.  
    Ex.  7:15 PM, oh, Josh just walked 2.5 miles… go change clothes, heading out for 3rd activity of the day.  -Kat

  • If you want to win, don’t challenge your Crazy Ultra Running Friends to this sort of thing. -Josh

  • Working a 12 hour day is NOT an excuse to not go out and run in the morning and walk in the evening. Must Win Challenge -Kat

  • If your Husband (May be named Chuck) is helping you to find time so you can get in more steps by doing all the chores does that really count or should he get credit for half your steps? -Josh

  • All the chores?  Really Josh, he cooked dinner for us one time! Hahahaha -Kat

  • The perimeter of my yard is almost a quarter mile, which translates to a about 1000 steps. -Kat

  • Making laps around the restaurant on the way to the restroom can add up -Josh

  • Yes, you really do have time to exercise.  I don’t care how busy your life is. -Kat

  • Spending a month on your feet putting in extra miles with most of them being walking is decent Ultra Training.  Proven by running a 50K at the end of the Challenge and having a fantastic time at the race. -Josh

  • I can be highly motivated to do really stupid things by winning a contest with no prize! -Kat

  • Watching others change the way they go about the day to compete in something that makes them just a little healthier is prize enough for me, and because I didn’t win, I needed something to counter Kat. -Josh

  • Not competitive at all -Unknown

Last, but not least, Congratulations to Sunawin Garner for technically winning, as Josh and myself were never really in the ‘running’ -see what I did there?

Sunawin stayed on our tail and motivated us to keep on pushing.

As Josh mentioned, the two of us decided about a week or so before the GUTS Atlanta Fat Ass to give the 50K a shot this year.  What did we have to lose? We had each put in over 600 Thousand steps within 30 days. We wanted to give ourselves a shot to see what that did for our fitness.  Turns out we were able to run a 50k, have a ton of fun doing so, with no specific training. You’ll never know what Challenging yourself along with some healthy / friendly competition will do for your fitness and running goals, unless you give it a try.

The moral of the story, get to Steppin’ MAS.

Congrats to all of the Participants below!

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